Welcome to Our New Web Site

Welcome! Welcome to you! AND to you! Thanks for being here! As you may know, SeepeopleS has had many web sites. OH SO MANY WEB SITES. Remember this one (OMG the swirly eye gif, so so very Angelfire and Geocities on a tinder date)? How about this one? Oooh, or what about this one (my personal favorite made by Nelson Holland)? Well, then there was this one that I made, from the skeletal remains of the previous one? And then it was a few years of dark days, dark days, dark days... only to land on this one, our most recently deceased web site. 

 Afraid I was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?

Afraid I was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?

Hey, those were great web sites. This one is good too. SeepeopleS has a few grand traditions, the first being that we launch a new site with every album release. Hooray! Another fun SeepeopleS tradition? There's a tilted star on every album cover. There's also a grand tradition of naming the vans of course (RIP, Mario Van SeepeopleS) and some other things, but my favorite tradition that we're bringing back with this web site is the return of the Ministry of Information. We'll see how that evolves over time and how much time I have to fiddle with this web site. 

OK well anyway, the new EP is for sale, we have a new t shirt available now and some other merch coming soon. A tour is about to start. Shit is happening, so go wander around this web site and find stuff out, listen to some stuff and do what you need to do. 

We love you, don't change a thing. xoxo your loving Sasquatch and SeepeopleS

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