You're a Wizard in a Blizzard: It's KULA SHAKER WEEK at SPHQ!

Hi everybody! 

We are so tickled to embark this week on four shows with one of our favorite bands. That's right, Radiohead's hippie cousins from the early aughts, Kula Shaker!

 While Thom Yorke was busy angrily scribbling in his journal and taking the tubes to Kraftwerk shows, these guys were out in the desert somewhere, eating peyote and reading the Bhagavad Gita.

While Thom Yorke was busy angrily scribbling in his journal and taking the tubes to Kraftwerk shows, these guys were out in the desert somewhere, eating peyote and reading the Bhagavad Gita.

Fun fact, back in the day, as the kids say, SeepeopleS used to cover a Kula Shaker song. I guess it's technically a cover by Kula Shaker as well since the lyrics are a traditional Indian devotional chant. Anyway, I tried to find a link on to a SeepeopleS show at which they played it, but I think that cover may have been put out to pasture before people started doing live recordings of the band. Here's Kula Shaker doing it first, and better:

But hey, if you want, go check out SeepeopleS on Archive, eh?

Anyway, there are four shows with Kula Shaker this week at Brighton Music Hall tonight, World Cafe Live in Philadephia tomorrow, and Rough Trade in NYC on the 29th and 30th. Join us, won't you? Kula Shaker is SO. GREAT. We love them and are really just so freaking excited to play these shows. See you there, maybe? 

XOXO SeepeopleS

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Greetings from SeepeopleS Worldwide Headquarters here in beautiful Portland, Maine! Yesterday, we said goodbye to our moneymakers, our bread and butter, our family jewels, WILL/DAN/DOUG/IAN/FRED and sent them off on ye olde road once again, ne'er to return until Novembah! Huzzah! I mean... oh no, we'll miss you!

The tour kicked off in Syracuse last night for a bubbling little Tuesday night mixer at Funk n Waffles. IT IS REMARKABLE how many of you are able to party on a Tuesday night! What, you can just sleep all day like damn aristocrats? Look, we don't judge, we are here to entertain you. So thanks for coming out, HUMANS OF SYRACUSE. We salute you!  

Keep an eye on our instagram for dispatches from the van, and check out some pics from last night. Also keep an eye on tour dates to make sure you don't miss the peeps as they slide, greasily, into the very musical bowels of your hometown. 


We love you, please come see us and always remember that after all these stops and starts, we keep coming back to these two hearts, two angels who've been rescued from the fall, after all that we've been through, it all comes down to ME and YOU, I guess it's meant to be, forever you and SEE(peopleS) after all.... 

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Hello friends and family! Why, we are so happy to announce that our new EP LOVE is on sale today! Right at this very moment, in fact!  It will ship out to you on September 6th, but if you make the purchase before September 6th, you get a free download link for the album. Because America is all about instant gratification, and we could never make you wait for something you want. 


Also, we have a sweet new tshirt too, so check that out and get yourself one. It's an extremely limited screen print on a soft, vintage-feeling heather gray tee, and we only have a handful of them. Designed by little old me, your friendly neighborhood Sasquatch! 

Alright, anyway, look, I'm going to level with you. You could wait for this stuff to come out on Spotify or whatever, and that's great, but here's the argument - buying direct from the artist is a lot like going to the farmer's market and getting your carrots from the dude who grew them. You cut out the middle man, and the artist/farmer can stay on his/her/their feet for a few extra days. We worked real hard to put this thing out, come and get one, I KNOW YOU HAVE THE MONEY DON'T EVEN FRONT WITH ME FALLOUT IV COSTS LIKE $60. 

I love you, your body is a wonderland xoxo Sasquatch and SeepeopleS


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Welcome to Our New Web Site

Welcome! Welcome to you! AND to you! Thanks for being here! As you may know, SeepeopleS has had many web sites. OH SO MANY WEB SITES. Remember this one (OMG the swirly eye gif, so so very Angelfire and Geocities on a tinder date)? How about this one? Oooh, or what about this one (my personal favorite made by Nelson Holland)? Well, then there was this one that I made, from the skeletal remains of the previous one? And then it was a few years of dark days, dark days, dark days... only to land on this one, our most recently deceased web site. 

 Afraid I was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?

Afraid I was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?

Hey, those were great web sites. This one is good too. SeepeopleS has a few grand traditions, the first being that we launch a new site with every album release. Hooray! Another fun SeepeopleS tradition? There's a tilted star on every album cover. There's also a grand tradition of naming the vans of course (RIP, Mario Van SeepeopleS) and some other things, but my favorite tradition that we're bringing back with this web site is the return of the Ministry of Information. We'll see how that evolves over time and how much time I have to fiddle with this web site. 

OK well anyway, the new EP is for sale, we have a new t shirt available now and some other merch coming soon. A tour is about to start. Shit is happening, so go wander around this web site and find stuff out, listen to some stuff and do what you need to do. 

We love you, don't change a thing. xoxo your loving Sasquatch and SeepeopleS

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